This Life of Mine

I love that my feet are never reeeaallllyy clean even after I shower. 
I love that I hold my breath every time I turn the key in Honey’s ignition.
I love how Eyore has the personality of an old man losing on bingo night.
I love my life.  I adore it in fact.  Filled with friends – new and old – and family – some of whom I’ve reconnected with due to this road trip.  If you’ve noticed, as I have, I posted more consistently in the beginning months.  As time has passed along with the miles, however, my posts have become more dispersed.  This is partly due to service issues throughout the many mountain passes we’ve traversed, but more importantly the large gaps are due to being utterly immersed in what has become my new life.
Plunging into glacial lakes, hiking gorges, breaking down, searching for campsites, and choosing the perfect wildflower for my impromptu bouquet takes up a lot more time than you would think!  I assumed my travels would inspire endless blogs but instead it is my soul that has been inspired.  Inspired to differentiate the air quality passing through my lungs.  Inspired to discover new passions like poetry – reading and writing.  Inspired to genuinely smile and listen to a stranger discussing their love life.  Inspired to accept the farmer’s almanac as the only station reaching my radio for 50 miles.
Thus, I hope that the following pictures and mini synopses inspire you to finally open the door to a dream that you’ve kept at bay for reasons such as fear, time, money, etc.  Because life is too precious for excuses.

Accidently found myself a campsite on a farm.  Turned out great…except when I realized this was an electric fence two seconds after the photo was taken.  I’m convinced the herd set me up.
 5:30 am sunrise over Lake Huron – Beachfront camping in Michigan
 And not a ½ more! – Kentucky is weird
 “Pitt” stop in my old stomping grounds – Shout out to my friends for making an appearance and watching me dance in an empty bar!
Watkins Glenn State Park – “Gorge”ous hike though the breathtaking Gorge Trail 

 Frost and Em – Two beautiful souls I now call friends.  After serendipity collided our paths in California, we met again for a spontaneous camping trip in Acadia National Park, Maine.  From coast to coast, we know this is just the beginning. 
Frost, Emily, and myself knew we’d be hungry for the scenic loop drive…
Cameron, drove over 500 miles to meet me and our grandmother in Maine before he leaves for his first year of college football!  Good luck, Cam!

Pat, Angela, and Lily – Family friends taking me in last minute for a home-cooked meal, hot shower, and fun with goats on their stunning farm!  Thank you!
 Yoga with baby goats on Jenness Farm in New Hampshire
We have three states left on this 48-state extravaganza!  See ya on the flip side:)


  1. Megan, thank you for your story in pictures. Love your journey. And the thankfulness that comes from the adventure.


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