Happenstance to Happiness

Rafting Trip Campground
First off, let me caution that I am melting.  Truly and utterly baking in this 98 degree dry Kansas heat that seems multiplied due to the lack of trees and flat, flat, flat landscape.  Flat.  Better yet, my fridge is on the fritz so not only have I most likely lost the groceries purchased this morning, but I also have no ice cubes.  Thus, I am forced to drink water as if I boiled it for tea.  But I didn't.  I assure you.  Therefore, if I appear delirious, blame it on the sun.
Now that I'm done complaining, I will tell you about all the wonderful adventures Colorado has lent me over the past three weeks...

Eldorado Canyon State Park
A few months ago, back in Texas, I ran into Chris who is also living the van life with his girlfriend, Hailey.  After bonding over our love of the unpredictable road, they told me to reach out once I arrived in Colorado to go white water rafting with them.  Don't have to tell me twice.  After not hearing from them for a few days, I decided to travel near the vicinity of where they mentioned their rafting company is located.  Turns out the lack of communication was due to a lost phone, but the craziest part?  During my second day at the nearby campground, I hear my name being called.  No way. Must be another Megan, right?  Then I hear a knock at my door.  Chris, who was training on the river running behind my camp site, recognized my van!  These are the types of insane happenstances that occur when plans are nonexistent.  Within a couple of hours I was following a group of rafters to camp out in the company's parking lot before hitting the road in the morning to embark on a 15 mile rafting trip from CO to WY via the North Platte River.  Roughly 30+ of us camped at the end of the trek and enjoyed a campfire dinner, great music, and stunning views of wild Wyoming.  These are the types of experiences that make this adventure so unbelievably worth the sweltering heat, misbehaving electric, and lack of AC.  I am also officially hooked on rafting and look forward to many rapids in my future.

After stopping at a nearby auto shop to mend yet another gas leak the following morning, I was on my way to meet up with my fellow travelling parents back in Colorful Colorado!  We hiked, we climbed, we camped, we indulged in the simpler beauties of this life we share together.  Despite two tiny burners and one foot of counter space, my momma still managed to whip up the best meals I've had the pleasure of consuming over these past five months.

Repelling from the Second Pitch at Eldo
After some much-needed parental recuperation, I left the rents to begin another adventure with a friend of mine, visiting from the east coast.  Thanks to his generosity, I basked in the lap of luxury in an adorable and colorful artist cabin which manifested as an Airbnb at the base of the foothill mountains.  We paddle boarded Standley Lake, hiked Eldorado Canyon State Park, plunged into the snow melt that is the Eldorado River, and reveled in the relaxed magic that Boulder, Colorado's Pearl Street awards its visitors. 

But like all things, even the highlights must come to an end.  And thus began my 200 mile trek across the blazing high planes, landing me in Kansas.  Well Toto, we're not in Colorado anymore.

Standley Lake

Pearl Street



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