Boss Ass Beans

Have you ever considered the arbitrary value of our currency?  Really thought about the fact that the physical money is just short of a watercolor print and the numbers in our bank account are digits on a screen.  We don't actually have a personal vault holding the value of those numbers.  And yet most crimes are committed due to greed over something which has no inherent can't (or shouldn't) eat dirty paper, you can't build a shelter, or express love with a dollar bill.  A few months ago I had a mini breakdown and basically yelled at my mother and anyone who would listen that all I wanted to do was trade beans!  Life would be so much simpler if we traded legumes.  It worked for Jack, right?  Sort of...

I decided to search for a means of livelihood without feeling like I was a cog in the machine.  For years, I dreamed of owning a yoga studio, but any time your creative juices flow, fear usually gets in the way.  The what-ifs.  The doubts.  But if I could travel in a van with just my pup to keep me company for more than six months, I could do this too.  Thus, I launched Triniti Yoga, a virtual yoga studio on wheels.  Never could I have imagined my studio would extend into the living rooms, bedrooms, basements, backyards, and screens of yogis nationwide.  But that's just it.  We make plans and God laughs.  Now more than ever, I am able to join my passion of yoga with my wanderlust

Today, I bring you Triniti Yoga - an online yoga and wellness tribe blooming with potential.  I couldn't have done this without the support of so many amazing individuals: My supportive parents, encouraging friends, appreciative yogis, and my beloved yoga and business mentor, Kelly Kenworthy of The Little Yoga Studio who laid the foundation I needed to feel confident in myself and the beautiful practice of yoga.

Perhaps I'm not trading lentils, but I think I found something far better: Yoga.  My energy.  My commodity.  My barter.  My passion. My boss as beans
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With Gratitude,


  1. What a beautiful post! You have truly found your calling.

  2. Meg, you've done it again. Just another testament to the inspirational woman you are and I am grateful for knowing!!

  3. Thank you so both so much!! I appreciate the love!


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